Lumbung translate to a house or a warehouse of rice after harvesting in Indonesian. Rice is closely associated to the home, as the two combined bring families together to enjoy wholesome home-cooked comfort food.

Indonesia’s cuisine is considered as one of the world’s most delicious food. With more than 5,000 traditional Indonesian dishes inspiring our chefs daily, we’ve selected the most mouth-watering dishes, prepared in the exact cooking techniques as home kitchens in the community.

  • Inspired by memory of childhood home cooking, chef aims to promote authentic Indonesian Culinary Heritage that represent Indonesia’s indigenous cooking techniques and ingredients.
  • Experience – Feeling & sense of comfort, friendly but extraordinary at the same time. Element of surprises, familiar menu with a twist build curiosity.
  • People – group, family, well travelled, experiential
  • Communication – Outstanding gastronomy with storytelling, local pairing, community support and permaculture.  Authentic Indonesian Cuisine from chef’s mother original recipes.