Small Plates to Share

Small Plates to Share

Rujak Bowl

Selection of 4 Rujak Kuah Pindang, Rujak Bulung, Rujak Buah Kacang, Rujak Bebek, Asinan Jakarta, Gohu Papaya, Mix of fruits or veggies with spicy sauce

Gohu Tuna Maluku

East Indonesia speciality raw tuna with ginger, tomato, shallot, chili, kalamansi, kemangi

Tahu isi Udang and Serombotan Klungkung

Shrimp and vegetable filled tofu and Balinese favorite vegetable dishes; water spinach, spinach’s, long beans, bitter gourds,beansprouts and mixed with grated coconut

Octopus Dabu-dabu

Ceviche octopus with fresh tomato, chili, lime, sweet basil sauce

Tempe Goreng, Lumpia Sayur, and Pergedel Jagung

Trio Sampler Fermented soya bean, fried filled vegetables spring roll and sweet corn fritters