For Balinese people Padi is a way of life. Padi means rice crops – the main food ingredients in the region. The goddess of Dewi Sri is worshipped behind the creation of rice crops. A symbol for rice is also seen as the mother of life. Thus, having rice on a plate mean a celebration of life. The vast expanses of nature has made Bali well-known for our unique culinary delicacies deriving from local recipes.

  • Padi Fine Dining Restaurant serves a scrumptious array of vegetarian and pescatarian menus which are infused with Asian influences. Blending traditional and modern cooking techniques
  • While seated comfortably in a fine dining environment among a relaxing jungle breeze, the intimate atmosphere seats a small number of diners (30 people)
  • Experience – Feeling & sense of sanctuary, no border, open horizon, the sound of nature, a sense of exclusivity and luxury
  • Communication – Set to give you the ultimate experience of fine dining service. Savour the magnificent taste of our menu from selected local produces to embrace your five senses.